Policies & Procedures

Clubs need policies for a number of reasons. Policies formalise and document the club’s rules and procedures and they can be used as a reference in case a dispute or a controversial incident occurs.

Policies also provide a how-to guide for the committee and members and is particularly useful when new committee members or volunteers come on board. Documented policies and procedures are critical components to a football club’s risk management plan.

These policies  will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant to club operations and reflects both community expectations and legal requirements.

KFNC Constitution – Our club constitution – based on the DoJ model rules for associations

KFNC By-Laws – Club specific Rules

KFNC Code of Conduct – Set of rules outlining the social norms and rules and responsibilities of, or proper practices for, an individual, party or organization

KFNC Disciplinary Tribunal – The tribunal to deal with any breaches to the Code of Conduct etc.

KFNC Drug Policy – The policy regarding the control and regulation of illegal drugs

KFNC Alcohol Management Policy – The policy regarding the serving of, management & expectations for Alcohol & its consumption

KFNC Racial Religious Tolerance Policy – The policy based on creating a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, beliefs, practices, racial or ethnic origins, etc., differ from each others.

KFNC Disability Action Plan – The policy that’s an outward sign of the Bulls  intention to eliminate discrimination and outlines its plan for how this will be tackled.

KFNC SmokeFree Policy – The policy sending a strong message regarding expectations around smoking

KFNC Sun Smart Policy – The policy committed to long term sun protection for all

KFNC Social Media Policy – The policy or code of conduct that provides guidelines for all who post content on the Internet either as part of their job [volunteer] or as a private person.

KFNC Risk Management Policy – The Policy that refers to a coordinated set of activities and methods that is used to direct the Bulls and to control the many risks that can affect its ability to achieve objectives.

KFNC Club Function Management Policy – The policy is designed to be discussed with a clubs’ Good Sports Project Officer regarding Bulls functions

KFNC Clubrooms Hire Policy & Booking request Form – This policy governs hire of the rooms for any members’ functions

KFNC Condition of Entry – The policy that all entering our facility, all persons agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions

KFNC Spectator Behaviour Policy –  The policy in addition to the club’s code of conduct policy, our club is committed to creating a safe, respectful and positive atmosphere in which players, officials, members and families can thrive.

KFNC Concussion Management Policy – The policy that defines treatment and management of suspected concussions to all players and officials

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