Club 44

Club 44 was struck in honor of the memory of Justin Groves, a player who tragically passed away in his twenties. Justin was a passionate Karingal person  who wore his heart on his sleeve and it is hoped that  members of Club 44 share the passion and desire for success that Justin possessed not only for Karingal but in life. The Groves family has had an association with Karingal Football Netball Club for over 30 years  and those who have witnessed parents David & Jan plus brothers Paul & Brandon will understand how much victory would have meant to Justin.

The number 44 is symbolic because this is the number Justin wore in all of his games for Karingal. Club 44 retains an element of exclusivity because of its limited with the Club 44 insignia printed on them.

In 2004 the Groves family struck an annual award to be given at each Presentation Night. The Club 44 award is given to the player exhibiting the qualities that   Justin displayed throughout his career. Courage to  perform under adversity, Determination to succeed against stronger opposition and Tenacity to persist until    the result is achieved. In addition to a trophy the winner can elect to wear jumper number 44 in the  following season, his family feels truly touched by the warmth with which this club has been accepted.

Even with Justin’s passing he continues to have an emotional and tangible influence on the success of the Karingal Football Netball Club

Club 44 Winners

2004 – Ben Gothard
2005 – David Measham
2006 – Matt Jakobi
2007 – Justin Peckett
2008 – Steve Charalambous
2009 – Robbie Clements
2010 – Justin Farrelly
2011 – Bevan Malloy
2012 – Troy Hoad
2013 – Lucas van Raay 
2014 – Andy Mathers
2015 – Hadley Tomamichel
2016 – Aaron Lees
2017 – Luke Duhig

The local football season is just around the corner and this year you will see a lot of changers,

  • New coach
  • New club rooms
  • New president and committee

At this point in time we are not sure where we will be playing majority of our games as this is not finalized as yet, but I can say that we will play at least 7 of them at the Frankston VFL ground as our club rooms will be demolished and new one erected in their place.

On the field we have a new coach Andrew Sharp and he has recruited well, we will defiantly be moving up the ladder and I feel there is a great possibility we can play finals.


Club 44 is our premium coterie package and is there to honor Justin Groves of whom most of you knew; this year we have kept Club44 so as to make sure it continues in years to come.

The packages are the same as last year and we ask that you bear with us as we try to deliver what is possible under trying conditions.

Now is the time to get on board and show your support for the club that is yours and help us take this club back to the top.

Payments can be made directly or alternatively sign up at training Tuesday or Thursday nights

Thank you for taking the time to read this

John Barry
Karingal Football Club

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